Alina K is a Romanian - Lebanese singer born in Bucharest , Romania and based in Dubai. Known for her elegant style and fluid voice, Alina discovered the exhilaration and joy of singing since childhood, and has been paving her own path in the musical scene since 2014. She sings in English, French, Romanian, Spanish, Italian and endowed with outstanding vocal capacities coming from an adventurous blend of traditional Arabic and western sounds.


Being a restless person by nature, Alina went through a lot of experiences that taught her to constantly move forward. She puts love and hope at the forefront of her music with a mission to empower females by singing about the daily struggles of a troubled humanity.


Through her music, Alina aims to deliver a message to inspire people in relationships with their loved ones. She also sings about life’s challenges and struggles and how to achieve goals no matter how hard it gets, creating a boiling pot of positive feelings and love.


Alina K is Arab Fashion Week Brand Ambassador and lead host for Arab Fashion Council . She has been featured on Khaleej Times, Radio 1 UAE Radio 1 Lebanon, Star FM UAE, Kuwait Radio , MBC 1 and recorded Sports National Day official Song


Her latest Singles available world wide across major music stores


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Alina K

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